Why ants?

Ants are tireless team workers. They’re incredibly well-organized. They are known to work around the clock. They’re skilled problem-solvers who can overcome any obstacle. We adopted this image to symbolize our company, what it represents, and the many services it offers.

The rapid increase in Internet traffic and the proliferation of commercial and nonprofit-oriented Websites has made the online picture increasingly complicated.





Supposing you’re an individual (e.g., businessperson, homemaker, student, retiree), agency, organization, church/synagogue, or company wanting to set up your first homepage or site. Where do you start? That’s where WebHost Group comes in. Our aim is to make homepage/Website design and launching simple and worry-free for you.

Webhost Group was established to serve the needs of clients who want low-cost Web-design and Web-hosting services. Our aim is to provide the best, most efficient, and economical technological support services possible.

MSM Productions, Ltd.

Our parent MSM Productions, Ltd. is an independent multimedia company, incorporated in 1984. For more than 39 years, we have developed and produced high-quality communications in a variety of media, from print to Internet.